Post #50 –  What is Gerbeaud Seoul? In the heart of Budapest, the glorious capital of Hungary, there is a coffee house called Gerbeaud Kávéház.  Their deserts – cakes, pastries, ice-creams, and more – are part of this country’s tradition and have been exported via home recipes throughout the world. The establishment dates back to 1858 and it is to this day considered one of the finest in the world.

Gerbeaud owns only two other locations outside of Budapest.  One is in Tokyo and one in Seoul.  Although by far not as elaborate and large as the original house, the location in Seoul, within Lotte Avenue L, Lotte World Mall, is very chic and elegant, and much more modern.  The coffee shop is not the only European brand established in Seoul.  The likes of Laduree, Fauchon Paris, and many others have found it profitable to open in Seoul.  There is a very strong coffee culture in Korea, and these brands can draw from a large customer based, even though their prices are much steeper than at local coffee shops or at more moderate brands such as Segafredo.

Coffee, service and deserts at Gerbeaud are worth a visit, especially with the Holiday Season just around the corner.  Lotte World Mall has some of the most impressive interior designs, displays and even restrooms to ever be found in a shopping mall.

From TAKE-KR MAGAZINE, November edition 2017.

Gerbeaud Seoul within Lotte Avenue L, Lotte World Mall, very chic and elegant
Gerbeaud Seoul within Lotte Avenue L, Lotte World Mall, very chic and elegant



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