Post #37 – Millions of fans around the world are mourning the passing of one of their brightest stars. Kim Jonghyun, lead singer of SHINee, and incredibly talented singer, composer, dancer, radio show host, lyricist, writer and overall entertainer, has left this world. Losing a loved one, suddenly and at such a tender age, is devastating for his family, for his band members, for his friends, music industry fellow artists, and for his fans.

Jonghyun leaves behind a body of work uncommonly large and powerful. His collaborations with artists of many genres have produced unforgettable music, and have placed him among an elite of exceptionally gifted musicians in his country. His role and fame with his band SHINee will be eternally remembered by devoted fans of the band and by music lovers on all continents. Jonghyun has been recognized and praised for having one of the best voices, dance moves, stage presence, and charismatic personalities in K-pop.

He will be dearly missed. He has left a world he had conquered with his talent but which in turn, conquered him. His daily struggles with internal pain took to an untimely end. His legacy will shine as a bright star forever. Grieving for Jonghyun will take its toll on many, but as time will heal this terrible wound, his fans and loved ones will see him smile upon them.

Let us all shelter Jonghyun in our hearts; listen to his voice day in and out; and support his band members; as well as all other celebrities in K-pop who are now shaken, but need the public’s support to go on. At this hour, and in the absence of this beautiful soul, giving unconditional support, positive encouragement and energy to everyone else in the industry is what we, as fans, have to do in Jonghyun’s name.

Shinee at KCON LA 2015
Shinee at KCON LA 2016. In the group, from left to right: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Kai.

“A long and sinuous Silk Road unites all our cultures, a road full of colors, hardships, and hopes. If given the chance to travel this road over and over again, overlapping images would melt into a warm human fabric, full of labor, sweat and dreams. This fabric inspires my work. Its resilience is my hope for a common road into a harmonious future.” Ellie Perla

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