Post #17 – A new president was elected in South Korea.  Although this blog is about the country of South Korea, it is not a politically oriented platform.  I am by far not equipped to talk about the pros and cons of this happening.

What I have learned in the last few weeks, as I have been surrounded by a lovely group of Koreans, is that they are intensely involved in the success of their land, applied to the extreme of being workaholics, humble and caring.  I hope that these traits have served them right in making the proper choice politically.

What I have also learned in the last few months, in the US, is that generosity and humility are not the qualifications that are necessarily needed to elect a good head of state.  Unfortunately. Many countries have seen changes in governments lately, and the planet is going once more, as a whole, in a certain  undisclosed direction. May that direction be of PEACE.

Hanbok, Seoul, South Korea
Traditional costumes are worn during national holidays in Seoul, South Korea

I started to write this blog with optimism, but optimism can’t always work wonders. Part of the faith I had in the freedoms of my life in the US has eroded.  I hope my faith in the strengths of the Korean folk will not dwindle as well.

It would be wonderful if life would only be about us becoming better people.  Although it is still my aim in life, I now strive to understand the energies that flow throughout masses of people following leads, examples, doctrines, without having the possibility of discerning wisely.  Maybe there is an undercurrent of wisdom I fail to see that will somehow guide all our lands, independent of their borders, in the direction of civility and integrity.  So, here I am optimistic again!

Food market with samples of Koream dishes
Namdaemun, Seoul – Food market with samples of Koream dishes





“A long and sinuous Silk Road unites all our cultures, a road full of colors, hardships, and hopes. If given the chance to travel this road over and over again, overlapping images would melt into a warm human fabric, full of labor, sweat and dreams. This fabric inspires my work. Its resilience is my hope for a common road into a harmonious future.” Ellie Perla

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