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Twice a year Seoul holds its signature Fashion Week, in March and October. Like all other such events around the globe, fashion weeks have the function of gathering the best and most relevant designers of each destination to show their seasonal lines. Seoul Fashion Week’s runways are kept simple in most cases, in order to allow the garments to make the biggest splash.  The Korean style in general is very much edited after all, so the simplicity attached to these runway shows is in itself sleek, elegant and inspiring.

SEOUL FASHION WEEK VIDEO by Sunghoon, cinematographer siot (‘Music : Jimmy Svensson – Collection’)

Held at the same stunning venue each year, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul Fashion Week is more than just runways happening behind closed door for ticket holders. The Seoul Fashion Week is a cultural event with broad public involvement, since it excels in the form of self-expression that we casually call street fashion. Seoul has been for a while considered Asia’s number one fashion hub, and the developments around these Fashion Weeks do this distinction justice. Asian fashion has influenced the big European haute couture houses for decades, although now Korea is finally getting recognition for being at the forefront, for setting trends, and dictating new rules of style.

It is intrinsic in European countries such as Italy and France that people are born with a certain flair for fashion. In Asia, Korea can make this claim.

Korean trends are thus set on the runway and in the street. For obvious reasons, related to availability, pricing, and sizing, Korean designer clothes are most probably not readily available around the globe. TAKE-KR has set out to define, for a broad audience, THE TOP 10 Fashion and Style Trends that stand out this season, setting the stage for a 2018 a-la-Korean-mode that can be adopted by everyone, independently of where one lives, or the size of their waist and wallet. These trends sprang from the street fashion so generously displayed during the fall session of Seoul Fashion Week held in October 2017.

Thank you to all the formal and informal models who have so graciously agreed to be photographed by TAKE-KR magazine during Seoul Fashion Weeks Fall edition in 2017.  Here are a few of their social handles; please follow them: @daroyoon, @hyukiki, @hy_woo, @kang_hyukk, @k1msnbn, @hyunjun95, @ophen28, @kibumee, @callmegray, @mingd_98, @kangmeeh, @an_jhoon, @suna_k_, @wishyoun, @sangho_duv, @double.siot, @kk_wvv, @o5.19_hj

TAKE-KR MAGAZINE - January TOP 10 Fashion Trends
TAKE-KR MAGAZINE – January TOP 10 Fashion Trends (3)
TAKE-KR MAGAZINE - January TOP 10 Fashion Trends
TAKE-KR MAGAZINE – January TOP 10 Fashion Trends (2)
TAKE-KR MAGAZINE - January TOP 10 Fashion Trends
TAKE-KR MAGAZINE – January TOP 10 Fashion Trends (1)

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